1 Year of Eating Vegan

One year ago, I made the decision to live a cruelty free life to better myself, animals, and the environment.  Little did I know that what started as just a diet would become such an essential part of my identity.  Being vegan has become a lifestyle for me.  

This past year I have felt my healthiest, have had the most energy, and been clean minded and able to focus in school at work.  I love being vegan and I love how it feels.  

I’m lucky enough to go to a college where there is an animal activist club and most members are vegan and if not vegan they are vegetarian.  These individuals have made strides to help make the food more vegan friendly on campus and to help protest inhumane events like traveling petting zoos.  My favorite activity that we did is traveling to NYU to see the author Carol Adams speak about how veganism is a feminist issue, after seeing her speak I bought her book.  This made me realize that veganism is something I need to be a part of for the rest of my life.

I love trying new recipes and going to new restaurants in the area.  I also love when I get to cook vegan food for my non-vegan friends and they enjoy the dish and even ask for the recipe.  I’m hoping that as the years go by, more and more people become vegan because it is such a great way to live.

My future goal is to be able to move to a place where all my clothes, makeup, cleaning products, etc.. are vegan.  It would be really expensive to just replace it all at once so I decided that I will not buy new products that are not vegan, that way, over a period of time, all my items will be vegan.  This would help me to live a fully vegan life.  


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