I’m Queer and I’m Here

Figuring out my identity has been a rollercoaster process and I believe it will still continue to change and adapt but just not as frequently.  

I identify as a femme queer person.

I think the reason it took me so long to get to this place is because I didn’t always have the right words to describe the way I was feeling.  

To furthers break down my identity… the “femme” part is speaking mostly to my gender expression, my verbal and non verbal ways of communication are fairly femme when put into a binary perspective.  

I use the term “queer” because while I do tend to lean towards women, I am also date trans men and non-binary people, so calling myself a lesbian would be invalidating their identities.  

Finally, I use the term “person” because while I mostly identify as female and as a women I don’t want to be placed in a box by society.  I would much rather just exist instead of being pressured to conform to the social construction of gender.


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