How to Stay Organized Throughout the Semester

It can be hard to stay organized throughout the semester while trying to juggle classes, work, internships, and extracurricular activities.

It is important to start out organized and to keep it up throughout the semester, that way it becomes a habit before classes get crazy and midterms, projects, papers and finals are due.

Following these simple steps can help you stay organized and on top of deadlines to ease the stress of the semester!

1.Buy and Use a Planner

This may seem like an obvious step but you’d be surprised how many students do not use planners.  Write everything down, due dates, homework, meetings, even when you’re hanging out with friends.  There have been times I tell work I can cover a shift and then have to cancel plans with a friend because I didn’t write it down so I thought I was free.

2.  Print Your Syllabi and Add Due Dates to the Planner

I always color coordinate classes and assignments, so for example math is in blue pen and philosophy is in pink.  Another thing I will do is if a homework assignment is due on a Friday, I will write it on the day before, Thursday, to complete it and print it.

I always write homework assignments, papers, and exams in the day by day section of the planner, usually in pen since professors are yelling out an assignment as class is ending and I’m trying to pack up my things.  Then in the monthly section I add big assignments that involve studying or more than one day like quizzes, exams, or papers.  Those always go in color coordinated and are highlighted.

3.  Check Your Planner Before Bed and First Thing in the Morning

Nothing says major stress like waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you forgot to turn in an assignment or study for an exam.  Checking your planner before bed is a good way to ensure that doesn’t happen.

You always want to be dressed well for important occasions, I definitely do not dress up for class everyday but if I wake up and check my planner and see that I have an important meeting or I’m giving a presentation to a class, I will throw on a blazer with my outfit instead or a cardigan to make my look more professional.  You never want to forget an important thing that you need to dress for and show up in sweatpants and a messy bun because you thought the meeting was next Monday.

4. Cross off Assignments as You Complete Them

Most days the To-do List can seem never ending so doing something as simple as crossing off “print essay” can make you feel more productive.


Remember, college is suppose to be a fun learning experience, staying organized helps eliminate stress so you can focus on the other great things in college, like all the free food.


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